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A Medical School for a New Era.

Medical education, health care and biomedical research are undergoing dramatic changes right before our eyes. Demographic shifts, workforce shortages and new policies seeking to reduce health care costs will fundamentally impact the future of academic medicine and the entire U.S. health care system. 

So, how can we address these fundamental challenges and prepare the next generation of physicians to meet the challenges of 21st century health and medicine? 

These were some of the questions I contemplated as I began my tenure as the founding Dean of NSU’s College of Allopathic Medicine. While building a new medical school ‘from the bottom up’ seems like an overwhelming task, it also represents an exciting opportunity to get it right from the start and create a new brand of a medical college that can adequately train the nation’s next generation of doctors. 

NSU’s College of Allopathic Medicine is pursuing accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) to become the 8th M.D.-degree awarding medical school in the populous state of Florida. In line with LCME standards, the College is striving for excellence in medical education, research, and patient care using quality leadership and evidence-based medicine principles. Innovation and leadership are the core qualities that we seek most in our faculty, our administrators, and everyone else who wishes to make contributions to our emerging medical school.

At NSU, we are uniquely equipped with the resources, know-how and facilities that integrate educational, research, and clinical facilities into an inclusive, respectful, and robust learning environment. In accordance with a specific timeline, I have brought together expert faculty members from various professional backgrounds to develop a foundational curriculum that will integrate foundational science components with clinical medicine like never before. This curriculum is designed to promote the retention of new knowledge and acquisition of skills through repetitive and progressive linkage of scientific concepts with their respective clinical applications.

In parallel with the development of the College’s new curriculum, several educational facilities will catalyze and enable the innovative features of such plan of study:

  • The NSU Health Professions Division Complex provides a unique interdisciplinary learning environment, classrooms, laboratories, a medical library, and outpatient service clinics for eight health-related colleges, all located on a single campus.
  • The NSU Center for Collaborative Research will house some of the world’s most accomplished research faculty members involved in studies on cardiovascular disease, anti-cancer therapies, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and regenerative medicine, among other subjects.
  • Construction of a new teaching hospital on NSU’s main campus in Fort Lauderdale/Davie, Florida, by Hospital Corporation of America East Florida. The new hospital will serve the surrounding community and will function as a teaching and research facility integrated with NSU’s research centers and clinical trial programs.

Just as important as our educational programs and teaching facilities is the focus on partnering with our community. From the people of Broward County, the greater Fort Lauderdale communities, to our hospital partners, local physicians, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and all the families we care for, we believe that the M.D. College’s growing capacity in medical education, health care, and research will bring meaningful change to community health. 

As we assemble the building blocks for the new medical school and work through the accreditation process, I will be providing periodic updates on our progress throughout this website. We look forward receiving your feedback and answering any questions you may have.

Johannes Vieweg, M.D., FACS

Founding Dean, NSU’s College of Allopathic Medicine

"How can we address these fundamental challenges and prepare the next generation of physicians to meet the challenges of 21st century health and medicine?"

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Johannes Vieweg, M.D. Founding Dean, NSU’s College of Allopathic Medicine

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