Community Outreach

Making an impact in South Florida by helping establish a healthy ecosystem.

NSU is focused on establishing a healthy ecosystem in South Florida that will give people the tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. Our strategy is to partner and pool resources with key stakeholders throughout the community in order to make a lasting impact on the people we serve.

  • Aside from clinical education, as a medical school our key responsibility is to educate our community on how to live healthier, how to live longer, and how to live better. We’re building something really special in South Florida and trying to help make it a healthier place for everyone.
  • We have begun to work with officials from the City of Fort Lauderdale, key stakeholders from local leading health care providers and other community leaders to develop a better understanding about the health needs of the people and patients in the South Florida region. 
  • We seek to develop a comprehensive city health development plan that lays out the strategies for addressing the health objectives of our community, while developing the new medical school
  • The healthy ecosystem philosophy will be integrated into the medical school’s curriculum and students will have the opportunity to work with mentors from within the college and from the community who are experts in their chosen professional path
  • Our medical school is proud to be part of NSU’s Health Professions Division, which consists of seven other colleges including osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, optometry, health care sciences, medical sciences, dental medicine, and nursing
  • Being a part of a larger health care community reflects the real world health care integration model and provides students a better understanding of how professions work together for the benefit of the patient.

"How can we address these fundamental challenges and prepare the next generation of physicians to meet the challenges of 21st century health and medicine?"