Medical Education

Developing the next generation of physician leaders.

The NSU College of Allopathic Medicine’s mission is to train physician leaders who are well equipped to address society’s health challenges, to conduct biomedical research to advance knowledge, which improves patient care, and to serve patients and communities with competence and compassion. 

NSU’s decision to seek accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education to become the 8th MD-degree awarding medical school in the state of Florida began in 2013, as a key component of the President’s 2020 vision. Milestones since that time included:


Project feasibility assessment completed with the recommendation to proceed

2015 NSU Board of Trustees approved the new College of Allopathic Medicine

Notification to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools™ (SACS) of the new medical school

Feb 2016 Recruitment of the Founding Dean of the College
April 2016

State approval for HCA East Florida to build a teaching and research hospital on NSU’s Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus 

Sep 2016

Grand Opening of NSU’s Center for Collaborative Research

We have assembled a team of key faculty members from various professional backgrounds to create the M.D. medical school’s foundational curriculum, which will reflect the values and mission, anchored in integrated, interdisciplinary innovation.

The curricular design and process will follow the principles, values and missions of the new medical school to include the following priorities:

  • Respect for student initiative and leadership,
  • Curricular efficiency and flexibility,
  • Close faculty mentoring and
  • Promoting scientific inquiry and the acquisition of new knowledge in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and thoughtful learning environment

Our students also will benefit from a leadership curriculum that includes both core components and individualized components based on student experience and interest.

"How can we address these fundamental challenges and prepare the next generation of physicians to meet the challenges of 21st century health and medicine?"