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Tremendous energy is building for NSU. The university’s largest comprehensive fundraising campaign in our more than 50-year history will elevate NSU to new levels – and NSU’s new M.D. College is a part of this effort. As part of NSU’s Vision 2020, our goal is to raise $250 million for students, faculty, and 21st century education with research integral to all three priorities. We will raise another $300 million in sponsored research, for a total of more than half a billion dollars for the only doctoral research institution based in Broward County.

With your support, we will develop the next generation of leaders, champion leading-edge research and innovative curricula, and expand the reach of exemplary programs and partnerships to better serve our communities. Every dollar counts!

Reasons to Support


NSU’s M.D. College is the first academic facility of its kind in Broward County, aspiring to reverse the current steady decline of licensed physicians in South Florida by preparing the next generation of physicians to meet demands for more accessible, cost-effective and patient-centered health care.


Less than 10% of the country’s medical schools have achieved the transformation from traditional, passive, lecture-driven curriculum to a more active, applied learning pedagogy.


NSU has secured affiliation with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), representing the largest healthcare system in Eastern Florida.


NSU is establishing the foremost inter-professional research and patient care delivery system in the southern half of the country at a time when the Florida population is growing and aging and in need of increasingly more diversified health services.

Campaign Priorities

medical studentThe highest credentialed medical school candidates are inclined to accept offers at the most prestigious and most established medical schools. The steady decline in the number of licensed physicians in South and Central Florida only exacerbates our region’s challenge to recruit medical school candidates. Therefore, NSU plans to leverage its distinctive new medical education model and HCA hospital network affiliation to attract the desired pool of medical students after receiving preliminary accreditation by LCME.

A thriving NSU M.D. College presents a game-changing opportunity to achieve a critical mass of capable physicians to serve the medical needs of our growing population, especially among geriatric patients, and including endocrinologists.

Opportunities include:

  • Inaugural Class Scholarships
  • Trailblazer Scholarships

facultyAchieving the vision to develop future leaders who will transform health care means investing in nationally-recognized medical education innovators and attracting senior-level practitioners experienced in continual development of applied learning education and research. Developing a long-term leadership team not only provides organizational stability, but it also lays the ground work to cultivate important partnerships, especially with public sector collaborators seeking assistance in addressing critical health issues. Serving as a vital community health care resource will also elevate the profile of the M.D. College, which is working to advance human health in myriad of ways. The hands-on, collaborative learning experience offered by the college will further meet the needs of today’s medical students.

Opportunities include:

  • Clinical Chairs
  • Assistant Dean, Community Health and Global Affairs
  • Distinguished Professor

NSU Research

Learn how NSU is Realizing Potential Through Collaborative Research.

Ways to Give

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Naming Opportunities

NSU’s M.D. College has the potential to make a profound impact on the lives of millions of people in Central and South Florida.

An intrigued philanthropist who takes a careful look at NSU and its medical school enterprise will discover a research institution that has made an exponential change to become pre-eminent in devising a 21st Century medical education.

Opportunities can be designed and tailored to reflect the intention and level of your gift.

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