Research Integration

On the forefront of new discoveries and treatments that benefit patients.

Medicine is evolving almost on a daily basis. Being on the forefront of new discoveries and new treatments that benefit patients is of utmost importance. Students in NSU’s new allopathic (M.D.) medical school will have the opportunity to participate in research that will shape their understanding of medicine.

  • Involvement in research exposes future physicians to health problems to which they may not otherwise be exposed and allows them to learn problem-solving skills that can be applied to caring for patients
  • Through our new curriculum, medical students will be involved in independent research programs where they are able to make medical observations in the clinic and conduct their own investigations while being mentored by faculty members
  • Research should be data driven, meaning we need to determine what our biggest problems are before we figure out which ones to fix
  • Our medical students will learn about and have opportunities to participate in different aspects of translational research, including data mining, bench studies, and clinical trials
  • From examining possibilities for stem cells to finding ways to better care for people with diabetes, medical students will have an opportunity to guide their research focus, with mentoring along the way
  • Students in NSU’s medical school will have access to conduct research with faculty members in NSU’s Center for Collaborative Research (CCR), one of the largest (215,000 square feet) and most advanced research facilities in Florida, and will have access to supporting clinical trials with NSU’s health care partners

"How can we address these fundamental challenges and prepare the next generation of physicians to meet the challenges of 21st century health and medicine?"