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NSU provides students with the foundation they need to pursue successful careers in medicine. We invite you to attend our Virtual Open House on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:30 p.m. to learn what makes NSU a center of excellence in medical education, care, and research. Your road to medicine starts here. 

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Introducing a New and Innovative Medical College

Preparing Doctors for Real-World Challenges

Each year, 50 candidates from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. converge in sunny Fort Lauderdale to blaze a new trail in physician education. Each student experiences a hybrid, case- and problem-based Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program focused on leadership and innovation – the first of its kind in Florida. Discover the next generation of physician education – and see if we’re the right fit for you.

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Cutting-Edge Curriculum and Resources

M.D. Curriculum
Unique hybrid, case- and problem-based learning
Work with scientists on discoveries to benefit patients
Get help with your medical education costs
Diverse and vibrant: strong hospitals and specialties

Rigorous Standards

Only independent self-starters passionate about medicine and driven to lead are be chosen for each M.D. class. You’ll graduate with innovative medical school training designed to solve today’s real-world health care problems – and better prepare you for other fast-approaching challenges.

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M.B.S. Program

Do you dream of becoming a doctor or health care pro?

You want to be a leader in health care, but the competitive nature of medical school and other high-demand health professions programs means you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. Designed by NSU MD faculty, NSU’s Master of Biomedical Sciences program will help you become more than just another number in a sea of applicants. Our M.B.S. offers you the flexibility, preparation and mentoring to set yourself above the rest. Don’t be a fish in another school. Be a Shark!

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 Master of Biomedical Sciences  Master of Biomedical Sciences

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