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Advancing Human Health

Today’s demographic shifts and evolving health care needs call for dramatic changes to medical education, health care administration and delivery, and biomedical research to face tomorrow’s health care challenges. At Nova Southeastern University (NSU), we don’t have to adjust, because we are starting something new. Due to our distinctive geographic location in the center of diverse and populous South Florida and our understanding of the evolving needs of patients, NSU is uniquely positioned to introduce innovative health care solutions for patients in Florida, and beyond, through the establishment of a new College of Allopathic Medicine (M.D. College).


Opening the medical school of the future

NSU’s College of Allopathic Medicine is pursuing accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) to become the 8th M.D.-degree awarding medical school in Florida. The college is currently in Candidate status and will begin recruiting students for its charter class upon receiving Preliminary Accreditation from LCME.

Our Vision for Success

Developing physician leaders

Medical Education

Pushing the boundaries of science

Research Integration

Establishing a healthy ecosystem

Community Outreach

Partnering with clinical leaders

Clinical Excellence

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