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Much like the technology giants in Silicon Valley, the Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine (NSU MD) has a startup mentality. As a young medical school, based in the heart of South Florida, NSU MD has the benefit of starting something new and unencumbered.

Together with the most influential community leaders, innovative faculty, renowned clinical researchers, trailblazing students, and world-class community physicians, we have designed a medical enterprise customized for the specific and dynamic needs of the community in which we all live and work.


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Contact Shannon Brown-Wayte, Executive Director of Advancement, at (954) 529-6776.

Campaign to Preeminence

NSU is entering the final years of its two-phase, $1 billion comprehensive campaign which includes $500 million in philanthropic gifts and $500 million in research funding. The rousing success and early completion of the first phase of the campaign – REALIZING POTENTIAL - reflected the high donor confidence in NSU’s ability to turn aspirations into reality.

During this first phase, NSU MD received a $25 million gift from the Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Foundation to support scholarships for our charter and early classes. The Patels’ gift is a tangible example of how one family can make a lasting impact on the lives of medical school students and generations of their future patients.

The second phase of the campaign has built on the momentum of realizing potential, and as a result, NSU MD is anticipated to reach its campaign goal ahead of schedule.

With your support, NSU MD will continue to develop empathetic and exceptionally trained leaders in health care. Through a strategic focus on problem-based learning, innovative curricula, leading-edge research, dynamic clinical partnerships, and exemplary volunteer leadership, NSU MD has positioned itself as a first-choice medical school for the most promising and highly sought-after future physicians.

NSU MD Philanthropic Priorities



Student Scholarship: A Single Gift to Impact Generations

At NSU MD, we recognize our responsibility to offer competitive scholarships to our student —most especially, those with demonstrated financial need among the early classes. More than 80 percent of NSU MD students have documented financial need.

Not often does a philanthropic gift have the potential to truly impact the trajectory of an organization. In the case of NSU MD, an investment in scholarships sets the benchmark for others’ philanthropy and affords top-ranked students the ability to decide where to receive their medical education based not on cost but on their personal values and professional goals.

Funding Opportunities Include:

MD student happy for career success and support received

Current-use Scholarships

Current-use scholarships provide significant, immediate awards for NSU MD with a minimum contribution of just $5,000. Current-use scholarships are one-time commitments, but we strongly recommend that you consider funding your scholarship for multiple years



Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are awarded in perpetuity and are created from contributions invested and managed by NSU. Award amounts will increase over time as the investment matures, and the scholarship will provide support for future generations of NSU students. The minimum contribution to establish an endowed scholarship at NSU is $25,000.


Medical student writing at desk learning

Faculty Support: A Gift of Leadership and Vision

An endowed position is among the most prestigious assets for any college as it affords the ability to:

  • Entice/enroll the highest-quality students possible, setting the benchmark for future classes.

  • MD graduates at commencement with cap and gownEstablish itself, at the onset, as a first-choice medical school with a value proposition deserving of national and international attention.
  • Improve its ranking in U.S. News and World Report, which serves as the score card for medical schools and a guidepost for highly sought-after student candidates.

  • Enhance the experience and inform the training of future health care practitioners across a variety of disciplines.

  • Attract highly qualified, nationally regarded faculty to NSU.

As a young medical school focused on preparing physician leaders, the establishment of endowed positions – Professorships, Deanships, and Endowed Chairs – affords NSU MD the opportunity to transform the teaching and learning experience as well as sets the benchmark for others’ investment. 


Support for Research, Programs, and Centers of Excellence: A Gift with the Potential to Move the Needle

Support for Research
Specifically in the areas listed below:
  • Neurosciences
  • Cancer
  • Population Health/Data Sciences
Establishment of Centers of Excellence
Including but not limited to:
  • NSU MD Cancer Center
  • Center of Excellence for Executive Health Education
  • Center of Excellence for Population Health
  • Center of Excellence for Cancer Education and Health Acceleration
  • Annual and Endowed Support for Student Research Experiences
  • Service-Learning Programs
  • Speakers Series/Workshops

Make an Online Gift

You can help fund the future of medicine. Make an outright gift or recurring gift pledge. Online gifts can support general scholarship support, the Dean’s Excellence Fund (to support the ongoing, critical needs of the college and its students), current or future programming, and more.

Make a Gift Today

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Naming Opportunities*

Individuals can name a specific room, lab, training space, or common area at NSU MD for themselves or a loved one. Companies interested in branding their business or product in a high-traffic area can secure a naming opportunity for up to five years. Naming gifts begin at $25,000 and investments are used to support ongoing operations, student training, and/or equipment upgrades within the specific space.

*More detailed information on available naming opportunities is available upon request.

For More Information

Contact Shannon Brown-Wayte
Executive Director of Advancement
(954) 529-6776