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Nova Southeastern University’s Dr. Kiran C. Patel School of Allopathic Medicine (NSU MD) has been accepted into the prestigious Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). The GHHS is a signature program of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation which seeks to elevate the values of humanism and professionalism in the field of medicine.

NSU MD's mission is to become an exemplary medical college recognized for excellence in education, research, and clinical care in a culture that supports diversity, partnerships, critical thinking, and creative leadership. Our new GHHS chapter is a vital part of that mission and will recognize medical students, residents, and faculty who exemplify excellence in humanistic patient care, leadership, compassion, and dedication to service.

Chapter members will serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine on a global platform. NSU MD's Society brings together these individuals with the goal of sustaining their own humanism and to inspire and nurture humanism in others. GHHS advocates for humanism through a variety of activities for students and health care professionals. NSU MD is honored to have been selected for membership.

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Member Nomination Form

If you believe a student or faculty member exemplifies humanistic patient care and is deserving of GHHS membership, we encourage you to nominate them. Find more information and the NSU MD GHHS Nomination form below:

Nomination Form

Spreading Empathy


The Gold Humanism Honor Society is a community of medical students, physicians, and other leaders who have been selected by their peers for their compassionate care. GHHS reinforces and supports the importance of the human connection in healthcare, which is essential for the health of patients and clinicians. Founded in 2002, through the generous support of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Berrie Foundation, and an anonymous donor, GHHS now has more than 180 chapters in medical schools and residency programs and more than 45,000 members.

The power of the Society lies in bringing together like-minded individuals to sustain their own humanism and to inspire and nurture humanism in others.  GHHS defines humanism in health care through three elements: compassion, collaboration, and scientific excellence, reminding us that despite the obstacles present in today’s state of health care, we can focus on treating people—it’s all about patient care. NSU MD embraces these tenets as part of our mission to advance human health through innovation in medical education, research, patient care, and community engagement.

Membership in GHHS goes beyond selection and induction into an honor society. Its members have a responsibility to model, support, and advocate for compassionate, patient-centered care throughout their careers. GHHS members are peer nominated and are the ones whom others say they want taking care of their own family. The creation of a GHHS chapter signifies to the medical community and our patients that NSU MD places high value on the interpersonal skills and attitudes that are essential for the highest level of patient care. We believe in and focus on humanism, compassion, and empathy.


A Shared Vision of a Balance Between Science and Humanism

With the support of the Gold Foundation and GHHS Supporters, GHHS funds educational events, supports research, promotes professional growth, and creates opportunities for NSU chapter members to network with others who share their values and beliefs.


Benefits include:


Membership That Matters

  • W - World engagement: Demonstrating community service leadership and global health engagement.

  • - Excellence in Care: Going above and beyond in providing care for a patient or group of patients.

  • - Caring and Compassion: Providing compassionate and humanistic care on several occasions that are noted by patients and families.

  • A – Accountability (Social): Showing outstanding effort through advocacy, research, or global coordination in improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care delivery and the profession.

  • R – Respect and Resilience: Exhibiting attributes in valuing the patient’s needs and feelings that are noticed by patients, peers, and faculty on several occasions.

  • - Empathy & Emotional Intelligence: Demonstrating outstanding characteristics in cultural, emotional and cognitive empathy, and emotional intelligence.

  • Individual membership: Individuals can be inducted into the GHHS by the medical school or at the affiliated teaching hospitals or clinical sites.

  • Eligibility: Eligible individuals include medical students, residents/fellows, and faculty who demonstrate their commitment to humanism in medicine and willingness to serve as role models.

a. The criteria for selection of new members by individual clinical sites will include:

    • Nomination of eligible individuals (NSU MD students, residents, faculty) through Peer Nomination Survey across all teaching and affiliated hospitals and clinics.

    • The survey results will produce a list of candidates who will then be further reviewed by a Selection Committee.

    • A vetting process by NSU MD GHHS committee that reviews the candidate for academic success and professional behavior.

    • Acceptance of the nomination by the nominee.

    • Registration with the GHHS office.

    • Invitation to a formal induction ceremony.

b. Selected individuals will be declared members of the GHHS only after registration with the GHHS office is completed.

c. Affiliated teaching hospitals and clinical sites will follow the same peer nomination survey process for students and the GHHS committee for final approval.

d. The number of student members who are eligible to be nominated and selected will be up to 15% of the medical school classes.

e. Additional individuals, who have achieved national stature in medical education or exemplified extraordinary humanistic values and behaviors on a national scale and for whom a pathway to local affiliated site membership is not available, can be inducted at the national level.

f. Students will be asked to submit a resume and a personal statement. The total number of GHHS members will be no more than 15% of the medical school class.

g. As our GHHS chapter develops, each year up to four faculty members and up to six residents will also be selected for induction into GHHS.

Committee Members

How They are Appointed/Elected

Duration of Membership

Current Member

Co-chairs - GHHS Chapter Advisers

From NSU MD senior leadership and/or affiliated hospitals

Three years

Dr. Roland De Leon,

Dr. Vijay Rajput

One member from NSU MD campus

Appointed jointly by Dean of School and Campus Dean

Two years


Two clinical faculty from affiliated teaching hospitals

Clinical chairs and CDs

Two years


Two clinical faculty from affiliated track hospitals

Appointed by Dean and senior education leadership

Two years


Four NSU MD students

Elected by SGA


Four previously inducted students from NSU MD

Inducted students from prior class


Executive Sponsor

Dean's Office


NSU MD 1st GHHS Student Inductees!


Raina Patel


Shu Lin


Christina Benites


Heli Patel


Diti Patel


Kevin Kuang


Julie Kim


Tanner Blaylock

Allopathic Medicine NSU group photo

GHHS Mentoring & Chapter Activities

New GHHS chapter members will meet regularly in the spring with outgoing GHHS members to begin planning GHHS activities for their fourth year. We plan to hold at least one organized event for all first-year medical students in conjunction with our white coat ceremony. We will have at least one event for rising third-year students introducing them to clinical rotations and the GHHS nomination and selection process. We will also have workshops or dinners for third- and fourth- year students focusing on humanism and compassionate patient care.

NSU MD GHHS Advisers


Dr. Rolando J. De Leon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Chair, Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology


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Dr. Vijaykumar Rajput, M.D.

Chair and Professor, Medical Education



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