Advancing Medical Education

Innovative. Integrated. Interdisciplinary.


Students attending the NSU M.D. College will experience a unique hybrid problem-based learning curriculum that is more challenging and quite different from most medical school programs.

Our graduates must master critical thinking. Build their diagnosis and detective skills. Learn how to investigate critical details. Interact with patients as the center of every case. Thanks to our integrated Health Professions Division, you'll also have the unique opportunity to lead and collaborate successfully with a wide range of health care professionals in actual practice settings.

Our interactive education model is designed to create more successful practitioners who are better prepared to navigate today’s health care challenges, compared to students focused only on rote memorization.

Our curriculum will include:

  • Respect for student initiative and leadership 
  • Curricular efficiency and flexibility 
  • Close faculty mentoring
  • Promoting scientific inquiry and the acquisition of new knowledge 
  • Holistic integration with NSU’s Health Professions Division, assuring students a real-world, collaborative and interdisciplinary environment no other university offers

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