Advancing Human Health

Creating a new model of teaching and practicing medicine

Today’s demographic shifts and evolving health care needs call for dramatic changes to medical education, health care administration and delivery, and biomedical research to face tomorrow’s health care challenges. At Nova Southeastern University (NSU), we don’t have to adjust, because we are starting something new. Due to our distinctive geographic location in the center of diverse and populous South Florida and our understanding of the evolving needs of patients, NSU is uniquely positioned to introduce innovative health care solutions for patients in Florida, and beyond, through the establishment of a new College of Allopathic Medicine (M.D. College).

Together with our partners, we are building an integrated health care system that drives innovation and embraces a knowledge-based economy. We will accomplish this through a team of renowned scientists, a new hub for collaborative research, and interdisciplinary education frameworks within the university’s Health Professions Division, along with plans to build a state-of-the-art teaching and research hospital on NSU’s Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus by Hospital Corporation of America East Florida.

With a problem-based learning curriculum using simulated patients and real-world examples, NSU’s M.D. College will become a valued resource for health care partners, community providers, and patients.

We will train generations of physician leaders to tackle the health care issues of tomorrow.

Through the support of our surrounding network of physicians and other health care experts; business and community leaders; and corporate, nonprofit, and governmental entities, we will pave the way to measurably improve access to high-quality and affordable health care. At the same time, we will deliver value-based medicine and individualized treatment to patients who seek care from a university-based health care system.

NSU’s new medical school presents a tremendous opportunity to be a part of a new model of teaching and practicing medicine with the simple purpose of advancing human health. This is a worthy mission that we look forward to pursuing with you.

Johannes Vieweg, M.D., FACS
Founding Dean, NSU’s College of Allopathic Medicine

Our Mission

To become an exemplary, 21st-century medical college recognized for excellence in education, research, and clinical care 

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