Our Mission

Mission. Vision. Philosophy.

Our mission at NSU MD is advancing human health through innovation in medical education, research, patient care and community engagement.

We will achieve it utilizing a patient-centered, student-centered and community-centered approach.

Mission & Values Mission & Values

Our Four Core Tenets

Medical Education

Developing physician leaders


Pushing the boundaries of science

Clinical Excellence

Partnering with clinical leaders

Community Engagement

Establishing a healthy ecosystem to elevate our community

Our Vision

To become an exemplary medical college internationally recognized for excellence by fostering an innovative culture that supports diversity, collaboration, critical thinking and creative leadership.

Our Philosophy

To foster a comprehensive, integrated systems-based approach that prioritizes patients first and advances human health by training physician leaders and supporting faculty members who:

  • Emphasize excellence and innovation in education: (real-world experiences, doctors and health systems)
  • Integrate technology and Lean Methodology into academics and practice
  • Translate cutting-edge research to benefit patients
  • Collaborate with NSU community members in health- and non-health-related disciplines
  • Establish partnerships that leverage synergetic benefits
  • Invest in students as colleagues and in support systems that facilitate student success

Seven Core Values


Promoting and retaining our exceptionally high standards


Creating an environment that encourages innovative thinking and positive change


Creating a culture in which everyone acts together as a team supporting our common cause


Exchanging information seamlessly and continuously among constituents to achieve our mission and common goals


Embracing and capitalizing on a wide range of abilities, experiences, knowledge, and strengths, recognizing the importance of heterogeneity in age, background, ethnicity, physical abilities, political and religious beliefs, gender and many other attributes


Behaving ethically in all situations and expecting the same from others


Taking responsibility for our actions within a culture of transparency

Review Our Strategic Plan

This written roadmap keeps our team focused on the most critical priorities to achieve our school’s mission and vision.

See Strategic Plan PDF