Common Admissions Questions Answered

See up-to-date FAQs about NSU MD student eligibility, applications, admissions requirements, selection process and program cost.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What is your typical class size?
The average class size of the incoming class is 50 students.

Do you accept transfer students?
Not at this time.

Do you consider international students for admission?
Not at this time. Presently, we are only accepting applications from U.S. citizens and those with valid U.S. permanent resident cards (green cards).

How do I apply?
Primary applications are available via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Once AMCAS sends us verification of your completed primary application, you will be sent an email invitation that allows you to access and complete the secondary application.

How many letters of recommendation are required with the application?
Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation via the AMCAS Letters Service. A premedical advisory committee letter or letter packet from your college letter service may fulfill this requirement.

From whom should I solicit letters of recommendation on my behalf?
At least one of your letters should be from a faculty member who has taught you directly (preferably in an undergraduate/graduate science or math course), and who can speak knowledgeably to your personal and scholastic abilities. Your other letters may be from a host of other sources, including faculty members, former supervisors (clinical and non-clinical experiences), advisors, etc.

Can I schedule a time to speak with an NSU MD admissions professional about the merits of my application?
Unfortunately, no. We strongly encourage you to consult with the pre-med/pre-professional advisor at your undergraduate/graduate institution for advisement related to your medical school application.

What are the core academic requirements for the M.D. program?
The following courses are required for consideration:

  • Biology: 2 semesters (or equivalent) with lab
  • General Chemistry: 2 semesters (or equivalent) with lab
  • Organic Chemistry: 2 semesters (or equivalent) with lab. Biochemistry (with or without lab) may be substituted for a second semester (or equivalent) or organic chemistry.
  • Physics: 2 semesters (or equivalent)
  • Mathematics (college level): 1 semester (or equivalent). Calculus Is not required. Statistics is acceptable.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses will fulfill the prerequisite requirements if the individual courses and credits awarded are detailed on the applicant’s college/university transcript. In addition to biochemistry, other suggested courses can include but are not limited to Immunology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Genetics.

Is a bachelor’s degree required for admission?
Yes, however, we do not require a major in any specific discipline.

Are there any other courses that are recommended for consideration?
NSU MD views the social sciences, languages, behavioral sciences, and medical sciences and related courses, to be important in creating a competent and well-rounded physician. Courses in microbiology, cellular physiology, genetics, embryology, biostatistics, quantitative analysis, computer science, physical chemistry, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences, while not required, are useful in providing some essential skills and knowledge required for a comprehensive medical education.

What characteristics are taken into consideration by the Admissions Committee?
When considering applicants for admission, the Admissions Committee reviews all appropriate information including reports from the interviews and academic, personal, experiential, and demographic data. Personal qualities such as motivation, passion, sensitivity to the needs of others, excellent oral communication skills, and maturity receive particular attention, along with strong academic credentials.

Is the MCAT also required for consideration for admission?
Yes, for more information regarding the MCAT, please visit the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MCAT webpage.

What is the oldest MCAT score that you will accept for the 2021 application cycle?
The oldest acceptable MCAT score is from 2018.

For multiple MCAT scores, does NSU MD place more weight on the most recent total score, highest total score, or average of all of the scores?
The highest.

How will I know if I have been selected for an interview?
Once you have completed and submitted your secondary application, it will be queued for review. If selected for an interview, you will receive an invitation via email.

When do the interviews take place?
Generally, interviews take place between September and April.

When can I anticipate a decision following my interview?
Normally, a candidate can expect to receive a decision within 3-4 weeks following an interview.

What are the possible designations following an interview?
Each applicant will be designated as “accepted,” “deferred,” “waitlisted,” or “rejected.” Deferred candidates are set aside for a decision until later in the interview cycle.

Can I defer an offer of acceptance?
Yes, but deferrals are not automatic. Requests for deferral are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

NSU MD does not consider or accept transfer or visiting students at this time. There is no timeline for when or if this policy will be modified.
NSU MD does not presently consider or accept international or DACA applicants. We are only accepting applications from U.S. citizens and those with valid U.S. permanent resident cards.

How much is tuition?

Visit the Tuition and Fees page for more information.