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Teaching Tomorrow's Physician Leaders

NSU MD is actively seeking full-time faculty members, along with clinical sites and preceptors to help us train the next generation of physician leaders.

Together with our partners, we are building an integrated health care system that drives innovation and embraces a knowledge-based economy. With a hybrid, case- and problem-based learning curriculum, using simulated patients and real-world examples, NSU MD will become a valued resource for health care partners, community providers, and patients. Our passion is to make a measurable impact on the health of our local and global community.

You have the opportunity to be part of our growing team of medical educators and clinicians who are responsible for shaping, mentoring and empowering medical students to lead change and embrace innovation in science, medicine and research to improve patient outcomes and tackle the health care issues of tomorrow.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and support. Together we will advance human health!

Faculty Opportunities

Faculty Openings

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Faculty (Rank TBD) / Associate Dean – Clinical Affairs

Ensures quality clinical experiences for students, as well as excellence in clinical care, teaching, and learning. Directs, designs, implements, and evaluates the college's clinical teaching functions, and ensures they are aligned with the college's research and education missions. Collaborates with hospital and college staff and colleagues to improve students' learning experience, as well as conducting research or scholarship to advance knowledge. Provides high quality instruction in field of expertise to ensure students meet course outcomes.

Faculty (Rank TBD)/Director of Student Success and Learning Excellence

Provides developmental academic advising related to learning skills, study strategies, assessment of learning styles, time management, and test preparation on an individual and group basis. Coordinates academic success programs that support the College and University retention goals and focus on providing intensive, essential learning strategies in a highly competitive academic setting by providing proactive, sustained, individualized support to enhance student success and develop independent adult learners. Participates in the development and refinement of problem based learning cases as well as in professional immersion activities, and curricular thread development.

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Physician Educator

Directs one of the clinical skills courses, Practice of Medicine I, II, or III in the first two years of an integrated case-based curriculum, sequenced by system, with foci on Research, Genomics, Inter-professional Collaboration, Biomedical Informatics and Leadership. Assists with LCME accreditation and engages in innovative scholarship and research to advance medical education and/or medical knowledge.

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Clerkship Directors

The statewide clerkship Directors designs, manages and evaluates their clerkship across all clinical sites offering that clerkship in keeping with the overall school learning objectives, recommendations of the Curriculum Committee (CC) or any of its standing subcommittees and relevant national recommendations directed to their subject matter. The Directors communicates these expectations for participation and implementation of their clerkship to their students, staff, instructors, administration and faculty. The CC will monitor the overall accomplishments of the course/clerkship, and any necessary or significant revisions in content will need to be approved by the CC.

The statewide clerkship Directors needs to remain informed of trends and practices in medical education, pedagogy, technology, and administration. Planning involves consultation with staff and instructors, the administration and the faculty.

The Directors are responsible for developing and maintaining a vision for the short and long-term development and activity of their clerkship. This ongoing effort entails development, planning, reporting, and monitoring.

The Directors acts as a link between students and faculty, demonstrating interpersonal and leadership skills that earn the trust of both groups. Additionally, directors demonstrates scholarly activities and assumes leadership roles in the College's educational endeavors.

Directors are also a liaison to health care, research, and clinical science teams, and therefore should display a high level of collaborative skills and professionalism.

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Director

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Psychiatry Clerkship Director

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Surgery Clerkship Director

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Pediatrics Clerkship Director

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Internal Medicine Clerkship Director

Faculty (Rank TBD) / Statewide Family Medicine Clerkship Director

Benefits and Human Resources Information

Get involved today. Be a part of a new model of teaching and practicing medicine that will ultimately advance human health.

Available opportunities may include:

  • Pre-clinical preceptor (primary care physicians only), one afternoon per week
  • Teach advanced clinical skills related to your specialty in the basic sciences
  • Give lectures on your clinical discipline in basic science courses
  • Mentor or advise students interested in your specialty
  • Provide anonymous (HIPAA compliant) patient case files from which case studies will be developed for the NSU MD curriculum
  • Collaborate with students on service learning projects
  • Collaborate with students on research projects or allow access to anonymous (HIPAA compliant) data.
  • Host students for an elective rotation
  • Serve on NSU MD committees (telecommuting available)
  • Present at special events or CME activities
  • Collaborate on physician directed quality improvement initiatives designed to improve the health of our community
  • Support NSU MD through scholarships, medical innovations, and research
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