Medical School Technical Standards

Admission, Continuation, Graduation

All applicants are selected for admission on the basis of their academic, personal and extracurricular attributes, as well as the intellectual, physical and emotional capabilities to meet the requirements of our curriculum and of a successful medical career. These standards are outlined in the document linked below.

2018-2019 Technical Standards for Medical School Admission, Continuation, and Graduation

Applicants are required to attest at time of acceptance and annually thereafter that they meet these Technical Standards. However, they are not intended to deter any student who might be able to complete the requirements of the curriculum with reasonable accommodations.

Requests from applicants for reasonable accommodations in meeting the Technical Standards will be reviewed and considered by the NSU Office of Student Disability Services. For more information on this request form and process, reach Susan Gonzalez at or (954) 262-1639.

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