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Student Safety is Our Priority

Nova Southeastern University assures a safe learning environment for all M.D. students through best-in-class security plans, policies, and procedures, as well as experienced staffing in place 24/7/365. Our Public Safety Department has consistently earned top ratings by students and employees in surveys measuring confidence and effectiveness over many years.


Emergency Alerts

We highly encourage all NSU MD students, faculty and staff to register to receive NSU Alerts. The university also posts timely alerts on the Emergency Information page in the event of an emergency.


Campus Safety Campus Safety

Need Help? Reach Us 24/7

The NOVALERT Hotline, staffed 24/7 by the NSU Office of Public Safety, is ready to help in emergency or non-emergency situations.

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Systems, Staffing and Resources

The NSU Public Safety Department (PSD) is led by an experienced executive team with expertise in law enforcement, crime prevention, investigations, employee management, physical security and large-scale incident command. NSU's Public Safety officers are unarmed employees who work with support from local police department officers and contract security. These officers are responsible for patrolling the NSU Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus and other NSU campuses. Contracted security services fall under the command of the Field Operations Division of Public Safety and are subject to all Public Safety standards, established policies and procedures.

The PDS operates 24/7/365 and includes five divisions:

  1. Support Services: 11 division employees to coordinate administrative/training functions needed
  2. Physical Security (Locksmith): 6 division employees maintain and control physical security locks and other types of building access
  3. Field Operations: 83 Public Safety Officers and first-line supervisors (“Coordinators”)
  4. Communications: 17 division employees responsible for operating the Security Operations Center (SOC). See full details about SOC scope and operation below.
  5. Emergency Management: 1 employee coordinates emergency plans and response of the department
To strengthen crime prevention on campus, the PSD staff provides several informational instructions each month to students, new employees, resident advisors and staff regarding safety and security.

This 24/7/365 operation receives all telephone communications from the public for assistance and reports of criminal activity on all NSU campuses. The SOC is responsible for Public Safety radio communications and officer dispatches to service calls. The SOC monitors approximately 1,600 video cameras and views for safety and crime prevention/identification purposes; issues clearance access to NSU Shark Cards; and monitors access control points such as card readers, fire alarms, elevator access, and campus elevator emergency phones.

The Public Safety Emergency telephones (“Blue Light Phones”) are advertised throughout the university and are located at strategic locations on-campus. They provide both emergency and non-emergency communication and provide video camera views for the SOC, especially in an emergency.

NSU has developed a suite of Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) that provide a template for colleges and units from throughout the University to develop an emergency plan that provides the direction that their unit will require prior to, during and in the recovery phase of any emergency. With the support of the EOP, NSU MD has an emergency plan that provides guidelines for communication and procedures in the event of a crisis.

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