Ever dream of building something extraordinary from the ground up?

Are you the right fit?

Fifty standout candidates will gain a rare opportunity few medical students ever experience. We’re seeking independent, self-starters with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, driven to become both doctors and leaders. Those who will succeed embrace innovation, collaboration and the challenge of learning how to think like a world-class researcher and physician - far beyond rote memorization.

Our program will challenge you through inspiring hands-on research, patient-centered problem-based curriculum and a unique collaborative structure no other medical school in the nation offers.

You'll enter residency ahead of most med school graduates, with critical thinking skills that impress attending physicians; teamwork skills that earn you greater respect; and the internal confidence to know you can handle whatever comes your way.

Admissions Requirements:      What's needed to join our charter class?
Admissions timeline: Important deadlines and dates
FAQs: Degree programs, admissions checklist, curriculum
Selection Process: What to expect and how to prepare

Primary applications are available via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Secondary applications will be available by mid-November 2017. Applicants who complete the primary application via AMCAS will receive an email notification with instructions once secondary applications are available.

For general admissions-related inquiries, email MDAdmissions@nova.edu or call 954-262-0515. 

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