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At NSU MD, our esteemed faculty are more than just educators and mentors. They perform cutting-edge research in the field of medicine. Their diverse array of investigations are all aimed at advancing health care and improving patient outcomes. Dive into our researchers' profiles, explore ongoing projects, and join us on this journey of discovery and innovation in the forefront of medical science.

Suzzanne Templer smiling professional photo

Suzanne Templer, D.O.

As one of our school’s Learning Community Mentors, Dr. Templer has been in charge of creating the (a brief explanation of what an LCM does). Dr. Templer has been collaborating with students and faculty in developing (a brief description of projects).

  • The project titled “ Enhancing Students’ Well-Being through Cultivation of Leadership Skills in Medical School Curriculum “  will be presented at the  2019 CENTILE meeting (a description of what CENTILE is) in (City)  
  • The project titled “Creating a New Learning Community:  4 Pillars for Success” will be presented  at the 2019 Learning Community Institute’s Annual Meeting (a brief description of the meeting) in (city).