Dr. Kiran C. Patel


Our vision at Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine (NSU MD) Medical Education Research is to advance the knowledge and skills of health care professionals in education research by scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration, and application in education and patient care.



  • Educate health care professionals in pedagogical and education research methods.
  • Conduct research on the health professional learning and teaching experiences.
  • To be the accurate and premium source of information on the education research of health care professionals.



The mission and vision of the NSU MD Medical Education (MedEd) Research Committee will be accomplished through the following core goals:

  • Serving the best interests of medical students and health care professional faculty through the generation of evidence-based recommendations for innovative patient-centered medical education.
  • Integrating innovative curricular based on research outcomes for continual curriculum enhancement.
  • Engaging medical students in scholarly inquiry and promoting the dissemination of MedEd research results through medical education scholarship.
  • Advocating for funding and infrastructure to support vision and mission of MedEd research.
  • Developing methods to acknowledge and honor faculty and students for their MedEd research accomplishments.



Concrete Outcomes

  • Continued curricular enhancement and enrichment.
  • Publications in peer reviewed MedEd research journals such as:
    • Advances in Medical Education and Practice, Academic Medicine, MedEd Portal, Medical Teacher, Medical Education, JAMA Education Issue and other medical education scholarship journals.
  • Innovation and application of new knowledge and skills in MedEd research.
  • Presentation of MedEd scholarship at SGEA, AAMC, AMEE and other medical education conferences.
  • Accrued extramural funding for MedEd research from funding sources such as:
    • NBME, Gold Foundation, AAMC, IASME, Josiah Macy’s Foundation and other pertinent funding agencies that support medical education scholarship.
  • Increased collaboration between faculty and students in MedEd research within NSU and the community.
  • Travel awards and honorary accolades presented for students and faculty involved in MedEd research.