Innovative Medical Training

To match today's challenges

As demographic shifts, workforce shortages and cost reductions continue changing the practice of medicine and our national health care system, there’s only one way to make sure the next generation of doctors are prepared to navigate these challenges.

We must replace many of today’s outdated approaches with innovative new thinking across medical educationresearch, and patient care, and work with partners in the community to improve health outcomes.

The NSU M.D. College (College of Allopathic Medicine) has recruited nationally-renowned medical leaders and expert faculty to create these progressive solutions from the ground up:

We’re not tied to old-school thinking: it can overlook or under-emphasize today’s critical challenges.
We offer aspiring doctors the optimal location: in the heart of a large and diverse metropolis, with award-winning hospitals and specialty practices.

Centered on Students. Patients. Community.

  • Small cohorts - 7-8 students max 100% problem-based: simulated patients and real-world examples
  • Problem-based: simulated patients and real-world examples
  • Personal mentoring by faculty
  • Partnering closely with leading health and community organizations
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