Community Engagement

community engagement

Establishing a Healthy Ecosystem

We believe it is our responsibility to help establish a healthy ecosystem in South Florida, which will give people the tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle. We must educate our community on how to live healthier, longer and better by partnering and pooling resources with key stakeholders throughout the community. This approach will have far-reaching economic, health and social benefits.

We have begun to work with officials from leading healthcare providers and community organizations to develop a better understanding of the healthcare needs of South Floridians. Through our consortium approach, we aim to magnify the positive impact on community and global health.

A healthy ecosystem supports:

  • Developing a better understanding of how professions work together for the benefit of patients
  • Working with local organizations and governmental entities to improve community health
  • Interacting with and furthering the understanding of underserved populations

As a college focused on community and global health, we are committed to aligning our work with ongoing healthcare initiatives and promoting synergy among our collaborators that strengthens our mission and vision, and ultimately establish a healthy ecosystem. 

Community Health Initiatives

We embrace the diversity and expertise of our local physician partners and colleagues. Our collaboration with the Broward County Medical Association (BCMA) allows us to leverage the expertise and healthcare prowess of leading local providers to build formidable learning communities as we strive to improve community and global health. The BCMA leadership, staff and members provide a wealth of resources to NSU MD as we build our network of clinical preceptors, faculty members, mentors, service learning opportunities and a wide variety of healthcare partnerships. Our relationship with BCMA allows us to further our reach and strength as we work toward common goals in medical education, professional development and excellence in health care delivery.

Learn more about the Broward County Medical Association.

Apply for volunteer/affiliate faculty status and preceptorship opportunities.

As part of our strategic planning goals, we are working together with Broward Regional Health Planning Council (BRHPC) in a multitude of ways. Using the vast data collection warehouse at BRHPC, we can identify areas of healthcare deficit and pair them with appropriate outreach efforts. BRHPC offers our college a wide range of community health programs including HIV prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental health programs, Broward Childcare services and through the TOUCH initiative, we work together to improve the health of our Broward County residents.

The TOUCH initiative synergizes the work of several of our health partners and allows us to both amplify and magnify positive strides in community health. We aim to reduce health disparities and improve the health and well-being of Broward County residents in four key areas:

  1. Tobacco Free Living
  2. Active Living & Healthy Eating
  3. Clinical & Community Linkages
  4. Healthy Built Environments

Learn more about the Broward Regional Health Planning Council.

We are working with the Health Foundation of South Florida on an anchor hospital initiative, which is focused on enhancing population health through community engagement and economic development. To achieve anchor hospital status, The Democracy Collaborative, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Health Foundation of South Florida, is creating toolkits to accelerate this new model in healthcare that builds community health into core business practices. These toolkits will help health systems integrate community health principles into three distinct business functions:

  1. Inclusive, local hiring and workforce development
  2. Local and diverse sourcing
  3. Community investment through long-term investment portfolio leverage

Learn more about the Health Foundation of South Florida.