Career Advising

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Ensuring the Best Residency Preparation and Fit

Whether you’ve already decided on a particular direction in medicine or are still considering your options, you need the right preparation and advice to achieve a successful residency and satisfying career.

Through our structured program of online resources, in-depth self-assessments and one-to-one advising and coaching from our team, you gain:

  • Strong Specialty Knowledge: understanding all options and identifying those that best match your strengths and passions
  • Real-World Insights: hearing from many specialty practitioners sharing candid “day in the life” perspectives during discussions and panel presentations
  • Residency Process Confidence: knowing what clinical rotation questions to ask; which database resources to use; how to write a strong personal statement; when to get recommendation letters and much more
  • Required Sessions:

    • Careers in Medicine I (CiM I): Introduction to the Association of American College’s (AAMC’s) Careers in Medicine Program: During Year 1 Orientation, the students will be given their “token” to access and register on the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine (CiM) website. Students will be oriented to the website and encouraged to set up their personal portfolio for future completion.
    • CiM II: Discussion on factors influencing specialty choice. Students will use CiM self-assessments
    • Individual meeting w/Learning Community Mentor to review the CiM self-assessments
    • CiM III - Career Scavenger Hunt (Exploring the CIM website)
    • CiM IV – Physician Skills Inventory (self- assessment), Informational Interviewing and Recent Match Data


Required Sessions:

  • Fall individual meeting with Learning Community Mentor to review CiM self-assessments
  • Careers in Medicine IV (CiM VI): Career Development Skills for M3 Clerks


    • The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, Learning Community mentors, and the office of the Director of Clinical Sciences and Clerkship Curriculum will provide medical students with information on how to explore specialties during the orientation week before clerkships begin.
    • Students will be coached on how to ask important questions of their clinical rotations: "Do I enjoy continuity of care, certain procedures, certain types of illnesses, seeing immediate results, having long term relationships with patients, figuring out diagnostic puzzles, caring for people in the context of their community, addressing issues of mental well-being, prevention, working with the underserved, working with children, etc.?"
    • Students will be encouraged to make an appointment with their assigned Learning Community clerkship leads or the Academic Success Coach in the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs to obtain personal advice on making realistic assessments of their competitiveness for the various medical specialties.


    Year 3 Required Sessions


    • CiM V: Leveraging your Clerkships as Career Exploration Experiences.  Students will also be encouraged to make an appointment with their Learning Community Mentor and/or Director of Clinical Sciences and Clerkship Curriculum, the Academic Success Coach, or the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, to obtain personal advice.
    • Spring individual meeting with Learning Community Mentor: Assessing competitiveness for specialty fields