Interview Day

interview day

How To Prepare? What To Expect?

The best advice? Relax and be yourself. If we’ve invited you to interview, you already impressed us! Now we would like to see how you shine in non-academic areas. We’re looking for candidates whose personal characteristics align with our mission and vision

  • What you love most about medicine
  • How you work as part of a team and support others in reaching their goals
  • How ready you are to push past your comfort zone and into a far more immersive, hands-on program than you’ll find at most traditional medical schools

This is Your Chance to Get to Know Us Too.

Do you feel energized and inspired by what you see and hear? Are we the people you want at your side as you embark on this important journey? 

What to Expect

  • Meet our team
  • Learn about our case-based learning format
  • Interact with our current students
  • Participate in a PBL session