Class Oath


Creating Student Engagement and Accountability

NSU MD believes that the responsibility of fostering and maintaining the standards of professionalism, trust, honesty and integrity that are vital to the success of any medical student and future practitioner should lie with the students themselves.

To that aim, we entrusted the students in our charter class to develop, adopt and maintain an oath that exemplifies all of the standards of the medical profession, along with the values of Nova Southeastern University and NSU MD. The goal is to create an active community of student engagement and accountability for NSU MD students that will shape not only their medical education experience, but influence the arc of their careers for many years to come. 

Class Oath

We will continually strive to build an open and trusting relationship with our patients, their families, our peers, and ourselves.

We will treat our patients not only with medicines, but with compassion, dignity, and respect to alleviate ailments both seen and unseen.

We have a responsibility to be mindful of our personal and professional strengths, limitations, and biases while having the courage to collaborate and seek help.

We celebrate diversity, not as a barrier, but as an opportunity for growth, understanding, and connection.

We vow to uphold honesty and integrity to keep ourselves and each other accountable for our words and actions.

We pledge to engage in life outside of medicine, and strive to maintain the necessary balance to protect our health, and thus, the well-being of our patients and colleagues.

We have a duty to challenge the status quo and tackle social problems, while recognizing the efforts and achievements of those who came before us.

We will develop and integrate technologies in order to enhance the patient experience.

We will stay curious and commit ourselves to lifelong learning, and sharing our expertise with our patients to empower them to be leaders in their own healthcare.

We swear to uphold these tenets in a collective effort to advance human health.
- Class of 2022 (Charter Class)