Diversity Outreach Programs

diversity outreach programs

Bridging the Doctor Diversity Gap

There continues to be a big gap between the demographics of physicians and that of America as a whole. Quite simply, our doctors don’t come close to mirroring the growing ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of our citizenry. Yet studies show that greater diversity of practitioners leads to better patient health for underserved and lower-income populations.

As part of our mission to advance human health, NSU MD strives to bridge that gap. We are focused on enrolling a qualified diverse student body and employing top-tier faculty talent across diverse racial, ethnic, socio-demographic, geographies and backgrounds, particularly from populations underrepresented in medicine.

NSU is Ranked Among Top 10 in the U.S. for Hispanic and African American Graduates.

NSU is Ranked First in Doctoral Degrees Awarded to All Minorities.

Our Diversity Outreach

  • Proactive outreach to institutions with qualified graduates renowned for diverse student populations.
  • Targeted communications to potential students emphasizing NSU MD’s commitment to diversity and our numerous supportive organizations on campus.
  • Scholarships to support diverse students demonstrating academic excellence and financial need, with backgrounds or life experiences matching donor requirements and diversity goals.
  • Holistic admissions approaches that showcase a candidate’s experiences; obstacles overcome; service/healthcare commitment; and other characteristics, as well as academic record, to build a truer picture of potential.
  • Learning communities and mentors to support incoming students underrepresented in medicine.
  • Recognition/support of student leadership activities that actively promote and celebrate diversity.
  • Best practices to recruit and support the success of faculty in underrepresented groups.
  • Conducting searches that consistently identify and reach out to a widely diverse applicant pool.