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Kyle Bauckman, Ph.D.


Associate Professor - Allopathic Medicine/Assistant Dean - Curricular Affairs


Academic Affairs


Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine

Dr. Kyle Bauckman is the director of multiple curricular blocks for NSU MD including pre-matriculation, Fundamentals, and Research. Dr. Bauckman also serves as the student research director for NSU MD which allows him to provide guidance for students interested in pursuing medical education-focused projects. Dr. Bauckman’s research interests include innovative medical education projects that cover a broad range of topics including admissions, curriculum, and educational technology.  Prior to NSUMD, Dr. Bauckman received his Ph.D. in Cancer Biology at Moffitt Cancer Center focused on the influence of bio-iron in pre-cancerous ovarian lesions. After graduating, Dr. Bauckman worked at Washington University in St. Louis with a focus on infectious diseases and Women’s health.