Dr. Kiran C. Patel

Meet Katlynn Kenon

From the age of eight, Katlynn Kenon

imagined that she’d become a doctor.


There was one problem though. In school, she struggled with test anxiety.
She performed lower academically than what she was capable of, casting doubt on a career in medicine.

“I asked myself, ‘Is medicine the right field for me?’" says Kenon.


Finding Her Path

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After graduating from the University of Central Florida, she changed her career path and taught high school science for four years. But her dream of becoming a doctor never subsided.

“I remember my parents saying to me, ‘don’t get in your own way,’” says Kenon. “I decided that if others can become a doctor, then so can I. My journey may not be the same as others but that doesn’t mean I can’t become a doctor.”

Kenon studied for the Medical College Admission Test and got help from tutors and mentors. Her stint as a high school teacher helped her better understand how she retained information. All of this built her confidence.

She started applying to medical schools and got accepted to several. Then Nova Southeastern University’s Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine (NSU MD) invited her to an interview.


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I immediately fell in love. I am so glad that NSU gave me a shot at an interview. The faculty and staff are diverse, the curriculum is dynamic, and I have gained many mentors, who continue to help me throughout my journey.

Katlynn Kenon | NSU MD

A Life-Changing Clinical Rotation


During her OB/GYN clinical rotation, Kenon experienced a life-changing event that solidified her choice of specialty.

“The mom giving birth was losing blood and the doctor instructed me to manually massage the uterus,” says Kenon. “If she kept bleeding, she could have died, leaving behind her children and husband. Being part of this life-saving moment provided me with the clarity that OB/GYN was the specialty for me.”

The experience got Kenon thinking about why maternal mortality is higher among Black women, prompting her interest to be part of the change.

Kenon's research projects provide a solid basis for evaluating and conducting research as a physician. She studied issues such as reducing obesity rates among children and improving medical and residency education.

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NSU is such a great school with a foundation of problem-based learning, small class sizes and research experiences. Add that to 100% match rates and I have zero regrets.

Katlynn Kenon | NSU MD